blog advertising is one of many program of internet marketing. this program is involved several parties, which each other have different interest, but they supporting each other. they are blogger as publisher, the broker, dan the advertiser. all of them have diffirent interest, but work in the same program. advertiser, commonly is a company that have such product. we know that a company won't never progress if they unable to increase their profit. so, there is no option beside just try to increase their profit. it will be so easy to be got if the company's product is well known by many people. but, it will not be happened if the company do not introduce this product to the people in the good way. beside that, it's impossible for company's management to introduce their product by their self, so they need help ofcourse!

thus, here is the relevance of bloggers existance. bloggers with their blog is good choice for company to advertise their products to many people. in addition, bloggers, as a human being, need extra money too for their life. so this is easy to understand why the cooperation between them appear.

but this activity difficult to be held without existance of another party who provide system which enable these two parties connected. by this reason, the broker born to overcome this problem.

i guess we have got the point. advertisers need good advertising, then ask to the advertising boroker to find suitable blog to advertise the company's product. it's simple. all parties that are included in this prosess get their own benefit. advertiser will get more benefit because their products is famous and sold in good amount. the brokers get more earning because they are able to menghubungkan company and blogger. the bloggers get benefit because they provide their blog for advertising the company's product. very nice cooperation!

it is enough for mechanism expalnation. and now, i guess, it's time for you, wheather publisher (blogger) or advertiser to get actions. just take this very good opportunity to earn much more money. for the blogger and advertiser you may visit several broker website, read the rules, register, and begin earning money. it's easy.

for addition, i tell you some program that can be followed. here are some of them: blogvertise, sponsored review, review me, and payingpost. these all will give you opportunities to monetize your blog for bloggers and advertise the product for advertisers.

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