There are no reasons to justify the murder. killing people without proper reason is a very sinful crime, and can not be forgived beside doing same thing to the actor, just like uighur, han, and goverment conflict. i think all people all around the world have same feeling about this. then the question is, why there are only a few people who care to them, altough they said that killing people is a crime. we just see this genoside, and can not do anything.

genoside and something like that is wrong way to keep the world safe, we need peace and apreciation to differences between us. differences is a normal thing, we will find them everywhere. considering that we are the best and must get ride off the others is the worst understanding in the world.

therefore, just let this live run normally without crime, genoside, and something like that. the effort to guarantee peace and safety is more apreciated.



There are many assumtion and prediction about the actor of this attack, but it is earlier to determine who the actor is. policeman and the authority still trying to indentify the eveident. so, i guess, it is no wish and not fair to claim this crime as a terorist responsibility, which is usually connected with islam. let authority analize the eveident and let them take objective conclutions.

Ritz carlton and jw marriot bombing is a worse action after general election in indonesia. we know that we are still trying to recover our bad imppresion, that is indirectly influented our economic progressment. but, everything seem so worse now because of this attack. we will get more difficulty in making real welfare-state-dream, even it seem so blur with few hope.

we all condamned this action as violance, therefore the authority have to find and punish them as they have done.


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