these three stuf are different. we all -i guess- have known the differences between them. google is the bigest search enginer in the earth, everyone can easily find what they want only by puting keyword they want to search, press enter, then you get what you want. blog is an abbreviation of web log. in the simple word, blog can be defined as a form of web applications that resemble writings (published as a post) on a public web page.Web sites like this usually can be accessed by all users of the Internet in accordance with the topics and goals of the user's blog, it's one of some reason why blog really popular for the people. advertisment is campaign of the goods, services, companies and ideas that should be paid by a sponsor. Marketing see the advertisment as part of an overall campaign strategy.

those are the differences between them. but, altough they have different characteristic, actually they have very firm relationship. have you ever imagine how they are connected in very firm relationship? it's easy. each of them have each own purpose which actually different each other. google have spesific purposes, and so with blog and avertisment. but, they will get their best performance when these three stuf are able to unite and make a good cooperation.

here is the explaination. google always try to show his best performance by providing good search result. good result means suitable with what searcher are looking for. it's really difficult to be done if google don't have many data base. more data base is better. and this is the relevance with blog. blog is a very active and dinamic public site. there are so many thing included in this site. this condition become more dinamic and fast progressed when the way of maintenance of blog improved, to be easier than before. this condition really give a lot of benefit to search enginer just like google, it's why google love blog.

advertisment has also interest like google and blog. advertisment appear form such company or other parties who has several interest. habitually they want to make famous their company's name or other thing related with their company. it's all about how to maximaze their purpose achievement. the existance of blog is really helpfull for company. they may use blog for advertise their company. it's really rational by seeing the blog fact right now. so they are clearly connected. google, in the other side provide facility for those two parties to ease this matter. we know that google is the blooger owner. it means google has fully right to control and manage blogger. related with advertisment, google provide an advertisment concept called google adsense which is provided for company that want to advertise their product and blogger who want to get extra money.

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Bro, tukeran link yuk.. Biar blog kita punya Relationship juga.. hehe.. Link blog ini sudah aku pasang lho..

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thanks so much good idea

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